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Why We Wrote Stages of Senior Care

If you’re one of the thousands of family caregivers with an aging parent or grandparent, we know how you feel. We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the worry and stress that goes with wanting the very best for someone you love who needs help.

Before we founded Home Instead Senior Care in 1994, we were taking care of a much-loved family member just like many of you. My own grandmother, Eleanor Manhart, was 89 years old and rapidly declining.

We knew that she couldn’t go on much longer the way she was. It took our very large family to make sure she had everything she needed to thrive. There weren’t many resources out there at the time, so it was trial and error for our family. We must have done something right, though. Grandma lived to the age of 101.

The needs that we saw back then in the senior population prompted us to start Home Instead Senior Care, now one of the world’s largest providers of home care and companionship services for seniors.

Since 1994, we’ve learned a lot more about what seniors need and how to get it. That’s why we decided to write Stages of Senior Care – Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Decisions.

This is a resource that you’ll take off the bookshelf time and time again as you navigate the senior care continuum. It’s a practical guide that will help you make the very best decisions each step of the way as your loved one ages. And that’s something I know from experience that we all want for those we love.

Beyond practical guidance, you can find inspiration and encouragement for your caregiving journey in a new book by Lori Hogan called Strength for the Moment. Lori wrote Strength for the Moment as a personal devotional that includes caregiving stories, Scriptures and prayers to uplift caregivers’ spirits and affirm them in their labor of love.

Q & A With Paul Hogan

In this recent article from The Orange County Register, Paul Hogan discusses what led him and wife Lori into caring for seniors, and answers questions about Stages of Senior Care.

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