Chapter 7: Non-Medical Care at Home

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At the point that you’d consider nonmedical care at home, your parent has likely, with some help from you and other family members, created a support structure that has been sufficient for mental and physical health.

But now it is becoming apparent that some additional one-on-one care may be needed beyond what you have the time and energy to provide.

Finding those professionals is perhaps the most important and potentially risky assignment you will have as a family caregiver. You are asking a stranger to take care of your parents. This chapter will guide you on the types of caregivers and things to look for when selecting a caregiver.

  • Full-Time Agency Employees
  • Agency Contract Employees
  • Freelance Caregivers

Your mother can thrive at home for a long while with the help of a nonmedical caregiver. But what happens if she gets sick and needs medical attention? Must she leave home? Sometimes, yes, but not necessarily. In the next chapter, we’ll look at the medical services that can help your mom maintain her independence with a medical illness.

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