Chapter 19: Planning Your Own Future

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Now we turn our attention entirely to you, the caregiver. As you have read this book, you have certainly reflected often on the time when you might no longer be the caregiver but the care recipient. So we ask you to take an inventory of all of your resources, just as you took inventory of your parents’ resources in earlier chapters.

Although all of us hope to live until we are 95 and then have a quick end on the tennis court or at some other favorite venue, the odds are that we will not. The good news, however, is that most of us will not be condemned to decades of misery either.

Where you will end up on the curve and how much care, if any, you need will depend on a number of variables.

You should begin to plan immediately, because as you likely know from the experience with your parents that brought you to this book to begin with, if you wait for an emergency to begin planning, the emotional and financial difficulties will be multiplied.

  • Prioritize
  • Buy a Home to Last
  • Prepare an Estate Plan
  • Make a Will
  • Create Advance Directives
  • Appoint a Power of Attorney
  • Document your last wishes
  • Buy Long-Term Care Protection

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