Chapter 1: A Whole New World

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The realization comes unexpectedly and suddenly; or it’s a gradual awakening that can no longer be ignored. Yesterday you were your mother’s daughter, or your father’s daughter, as you have been all your life, through all of life’s passages–but the passages were always yours.

That Was Yesterday

Today is very different. The world is now turned upside down. You have suddenly become your parents’ parent. And you realize that the coming years are going to be extremely challenging. You feel that you are alone. Fortunately, that is not true. Indeed, you have entered a heavily populated and complex new world that is changing rapidly. What you must do is learn how to find your way through the maze of services that are available and how to determine which are best for you and your parent.

Rewarding Experiences

Taking care of your aging parent does not have to be a crushing, dispiriting, or impoverishing experience. Let there be no doubt, though, it will end, almost certainly, with the death of someone you love very much and with all of the accompanying grief. But before that inevitability, there can be rewarding experiences that will equal any of the other high plateaus in your previous relationship with your mother or father.

This book will help you as a practical and comprehensive guide for understanding the world of senior care and navigating through all of its challenges as your parent’s needs change. Those choices and how to make them are in large part the subject of this book.

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