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About Stages of Senior Care

Paul and Lori Hogan, co-authors of Stages of Senior Care, discuss why this book is necessary. They describe care options, their costs and when to use each. Stages is an information-rich resource to help adult children make informed care decisions for their senior parents.

Paul explains the recent rapid expansion in senior care options, which has created both great opportunity and confusion for families. But Stages will guide readers through every “stage” of the care process so that they can be confident in their decisions and assured that their senior loved one is getting the right care.

Lori introduces the concepts presented in Stages, including what to expect — from practical, emotional and financial perspectives — when caring for an aging loved one. More than just information, though, the true stories in Stages will touch your heart. And its step-by-step instructions will give you increased confidence for your care journey.

Lori has also written a second book called Strength for the Moment to affirm and encourage caregivers on their caregiving journey. Strength for the Moment combines true caregiving stories with prayer, Bible Scriptures, caregiver quotes and a touch of humor to uplift readers’ spirits and bring peace, hope and comfort to any caregiving situation. Visit StrengthfortheMoment.com to read excerpts or share your own story.